Four Sensaphone Monitoring Systems for Residential Use

Sensaphone’s residential alarm solutions are designed for monitoring remote locations such as second homes, cottages or ski chalets. The owner or user programs the Sensaphone to monitor for specific conditions and if the conditions change outside of the user specified thresholds the Sensaphone will instantaneously alert the user or owner to the problem. There are several systems available from Sensaphone for this capable of alerting you by phone, pager, or email. giải pháp iot

Sensaphone Alarms for Residential Use

Sensaphone 400

The Sensaphone 400 is the most popular of the residential Sensaphone systems. Out of the box the alarm dialer will monitor for power outages, listen for loud sounds such as a smoke alarm and comes with a temperature sensor connected to the Zone 1 terminals. There are an additional three input zones which you can use to monitor for water leaks or floods, humidity, even door switches or motion sensors for security. This alarm dialer will call four phone numbers when an alarm condition is detected.

Sensaphone 800

The Sensaphone 800 appears identical to the 400 and operates the same way. With all of the same out of the box features as the Sensaphone 400 the 800 has 8 different input zones and will call up to eight different phone numbers when an alarm condition is detected.

Sensaphone 1400

The Sensaphone 1400 is the “tough older brother” to the Sensaphone 400. Just like the 400 this Sensaphone has four input zones and will dial up to four different phone numbers when an alarm condition is detected. The two big advantages the 1400 has over the 400 model is that it comes in a lockable NEMA4X enclosure helping to protect the unit both from tampering as well as dust, humidity even corrosion in harsh environments. The second advantage is that the unit comes complete with a built in rechargeable battery backup.

Sensaphone 1800

If the Sensaphone 1400 is the older brother to the 400 than the 1800 is the same to the 800. With eight input zones and eight “alarm notifications” to choose from it is identical to 800. It also comes in a robust NEMA4X casing and has a built in rechargeable battery. One key feature it has which helps to set it above the rest is the ability to send text messages along with the voice phone calls.

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